About us 

Syskey Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier in high quality thin film equipment for R&D and industrial production. Syskey product portfolio range from Sputter, E-Beam, Thermal Evaporator, ALD, PEALD, RIE, PECVD, and LPCVD in manual, Semi-Automated or Fully Automated Solutions. One of our strength is customizing and realizing thin film systems to our customers’ requirement. We believe in providing great quality product and honest service to our customers and have built enviable reputation and reliability with our worldwide customers. Following this success, Syskey continue to develop best equipment to meet our customers’ need for today and future.


Business philosophy

By rapidly growth in technology, the staff will concentrate on industrial technology researches. We will provide clients the perfect technology services and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, we expanded our business into international and we have had achievements in China, South-East Asia, and Middle-East Countries. We expect that we will introduce our own brand to the world in the near future.



We strive to establish competitive advantages and superior products to achieve sustainable business.
1. Improve customers satisfaction
Cooperate with customers and become the best project supporter.
2. Distinctive product development
Cooperate with various industries, such as solar energy, panel board, or semiconductor, to develop leading technology.
3. Professional team-work
We focus on customer orientation. In product development and production technology, enhance business value by personnel training.

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