Job and Career


At SYSKEY, we believe there is always a better way. Every member of our team contributes to our corporate success and we are always looking for new colleagues who share our ambitions and philosophy. We offer a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to help you fulfill your career goals as well as a friendly working environment.

We are hoping who have creative, driven individuals to contribute to the growth of our company and your career and they also have the ability to bring their ideas to life through collaboration with like-minded individuals in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Open Positions

Automatic Engineer

Research, develops and design control systems related to motor, electrical or signal processing, and using Program Logic Controller(PLC) and software, similar to the needs of vacuum equipment automation control systems.


Mechanical Designer Engineer

Responsible for the design and development of the mechanical structure evaluation of new Product Institutions, Material Selection, Replacement of Drawings, and Development, Testing and Maintenance of Production Equipment.


Assembly Engineer 

We are looking for powerful picture viewing ability and excellent mechanical concepts, and can accurately assemble mechanical equipment components and adjust to detect equipment can work normally.


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