UHV Sputter


An UHV environment is characterized by pressures lower than 10-8 ~10-12 Torr and it is common in chemistry, physics, and engineering. For UHV environment, it is very important to scientific research, because experiments often require surfaces to be maintained in a contamination-free state for the duration of the process and use of low energy electron and ion-based experimental techniques without undue interference from gas phase scattering. In the Ultra-High Vacuum sputter system, SYSKEY can perfectly produce high-quality thin films.







Design the substrate rotary coating mechanism for ultra-high vacuum and high temperature heating. Using ceramic Palin rotation, and do a water cooling cycle inside to protect the  mechanism to makes sure the stability of long-term operation.



Applications Chamber
  • Semiconductors.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Product QC & QA.
  • Oxide, Nitride and Metal materials research.
  • Solar-cell.
  • Optical Research.
  • Materials Research.
  • Chamber metal sealing and heater backing to 150°C.
  • Flexible chamber sizes depend on substrate size and applications.
  • Full range vacuum gauge with display and Baratron gauge for closed-loop pressure control.
  • Ultimate vacuum of chamber about 10-10 Torr.
Configurations and benefits Options
  • Flexible substrate size up to 12 inch.
  • Excellent thin-film uniformity of less than ±3%.
  • Magnetron sputtering sources (up to 8 sources) with optional target sizes.
  • RF, DC or pulsed-DC for non-conductive or conductive target.
  • Deposition of multi-layer films with selected target materials.
  • Mass flow controllers (up to 4 gas lines).
  • Substrate holder heating up to 1000°C.
  • Adjustable substrate to target spacing.
  • Shutters are installed each sputtering source and substrate.
  • Intergrated with others vacuum system.
  • Combined with Ion-source, thermal source, E-beam, etc.
  • RF or DC bias switching.
  • Thickness Monitor.
  • Substrate RF plasma cleaning.
  • Extra spare port for OES, RGA or extra process monitoring.














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