With the increase in size of LCD panels and glass need of manufacturing, manufacturing equipment has also become larger, requiring ever-larger equipment investments. SYSKEY develops a system of PVD equipment for small and medium size needs. It has 4 independent sputtering chambers, allowing customers to arbitrarily match the deposited materials, while maintaining a quick and low-cost system.



  • TFT-LCD.
  • Solar-cell.
  • Touch panel.
  • Oxide, Nitride and Metal materials research.
Configurations and benefits Options
  • Flexible substrate size up to 550 x 650 mm2 (glass).
  • Excellent thin-film uniformity of less than ±5%.
  • Substrate heating up to 400°C with stable temperature control.
  • Cassette port.
  • Substrate plasma cleaning.
  • Extra spare port for OES, RGA or extra process monitoring.