Magnetron Sputter


Sputtering deposition is a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) method of thin films deposition by sputtering material from a target, then depositing it onto a substrate. In this technique, the target source material is bombarded by Argon or Nitrogen plasma and the substrates are placed in front of the target at an appropriate distance.

The positive ions present in the plasma of a magnetically enhanced glow discharge bombard the target at a very high velocity due to the momentum of collisions. These particles cross the vacuum deposition chamber of the sputter gun and deposit on the substrate surface as thin films of target material. Depending on the target material, the power of sputter gun is adjusted appropriately such as DC for conductive targets and RF for non-conductive targets.
Today, sputtering deposition process is a core technique applied in many applications of semiconductors, LCD panels, solar panels and optical devices by uniformity of thin films and commercial efficiency in large scale more than other conventional methods melting a source material with thermal energies.


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