Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching is based on the standard reactive ion etching (RIE) by adding the ICP. The inductively coupled plasma is provided by the field a coil surrounding the quartz crystal tube. The high density plasma is created, surrounded by the coil, and act as the secondary coil in a transformer, accelerating the electrons and ions, and thus causing collisions that produce even more ions and electrons. The high density plasma and low pressures increase result in very high etch rates, with an anisotropic profile. 

Ions and electrons energy can be controlled by adjusting DC bias from RF generator according to process requirements. For SYSKEY's system can control the gas and plasma process, can perfectly produce high-precision thin films etching.








Applications Chamber
  • Basic plasma research.
  • Photo-resist etching.
  • III-V compound semiconductors (GaAsn, InP, GaN).
  • Si, SiO2, SiNx.
  • MEMS.
  • metal, silicon, resist etching.
  • Aluminum hard anodized chamber.
  • Chamber temperature control by using water chiller/heater.



Configurations and benefits Options
  • Flexible substrate size up to 12 inch in diameter.
  • Excellent thin-film uniformity of less than ±3%.
  • Mass flow controllers with highly uniform gas distribution.
  • Substrate chuck heating up to 300°C or cooling down to -20°C by stable process temperatures control.
  • ICP plasma up to 2000W with Tornado ICP coil increasing deposition under low temperature.
  • Low damage, high rate process, high aspect ratio.
  • Wafer clamping with helium backside cooling helps anisotropic etch.
  • RF powered showerhead with optimised gas distribution.
  • Electrostatic Chuck.
  • Endpoint monitors (OES, laser) compatibility.
  • Cluster allows for vacuum transfer of substrates.





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