Thermal ALD

The atomic layer deposition (ALD) system is a vapor-phase chemical deposition technique. It is one of the chemical vapor deposition methods.In most ALD reactions, two chemicals are used as precursors. These precursors react with the material surface in a continuous and self-limiting manner. By repeated exposure to the separated precursor, a thin film is slowly deposited. For thermal ALD requires relatively high temperatures (typically 150~350°C).

For SYSKEY's system can control the ALD process, the film thickness and uniformity is less than +/- 1%.

                       Batch type ALD

Thickness Uniformity (WIW):

A single 12-inch wafer is used to deposit Al2O3 and HfO2 films with a target thickness of 5nm. Use an ellipsometer (ellipsometer) to make a 27-point thickness measurement and bring in the standard deviation formula. Within ± 0.5nm and within 5% of uniformity.




Dielectric constant and work function:

Prepare three silicon wafers and deposit Al2O3/ TiN and chemical oxide / HfO2 / TiN with a fixed thickness. Measure the CV diagrams of the three samples to calculate the dielectric constant and leakage current: The dielectric constant should be 7 ~ 9 (Al2O3) and 18 ~ 22 (HfO2), and the leakage current is less than 1nA (@ 1V).


Applications Chamber
  • High-k gate oxides.
  • Passivation of crystal silicon solar cells and OLED.
  • MEMS.
  • Nano-electronics.
  • Coating of nano-porous structures.
  • Optical functional films.
  • Encapsulation.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel chamber with small footprint for fast cycle time.
  • Chamber temperature control by using heater jacket.



Configurations and benefits Options
  • Flexible substrate size up to 300 mm in diameter.
  • Excellent thin-film uniformity of less than ±1%.
  • High conformity with processing of high aspect ratio and complex structures.
  • Precursor Sources up to 6 precursors individually heated to 200°C.
  • Fast pulse gas delivery valves with 10 msec response time.
  • Substrate heater up to 400°C.
  • Materials.
  • Al2O3, HfO2, SiO2, TiO2, Ta2O5, ZnO, AZO, HfO2 , SiO2, TiO2, GaO2, AlN, SiN, Pt…
  • Intergrated with Load-Lock (single substrate, cassette-to-cassette), glove box.
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Ports.
  • Cluster allows for vacuum transfer of substrates.




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